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Age Of Aquarius: Spiritual Reckoning

About the Book

This book is a discussion on the Age of Aquarius that has arrived within the past few years. The subjects affect us all. I gave my opinion on what are some characteristics of this age and its impact on spirituality. The Holy Spirit is present, and a new spirituality will emerge from this age. The changes that this age will present is the first that we as an intelligent race can document. I know quite a lot about this age, and I explain how that is so. I outlined how the spheres on the biblical tree of life connect to US politics and its leaders of the free world. I hope you read and enjoy it. Be blessed.

Melinda Merritt

About the Author

I am a southern lady raised by a special, enchanted, spiritual, loving family of Sages. These family members knew a great deal about what changes would occur in this age and taught me much on this subject. I have studied esoteric documents, ancient knowledge, and astrology for some 40 plus years. I have also been taught by the world’s best instructors on the unseen worlds. I just want to share some information with you.


“How is it that I can speak on the Age of Aquarius? How did I know about this information? I wondered that myself for many years, and now I accept that there is some knowledge in me from my ancient ancestors which nags at me to come forth.”

“For my readers of the Bible, you should be aware of all the references to the Stars and the Cosmos as it relates to governing the earth.”

“The current religious institutions are marketed as a ‘one-man show’ and all the money is for them. Men have preached the story of ‘men only’ so long, they will be shocked when this new spirituality take hold. Of course, there will be men who speak very negatively about the new ways. Nothing can be said about that because a change is still coming whether they welcome it or not.”

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